Google promises faster loading with WebP image format

Google the search gaint  has a reputation for inventing fresh and innovative projects and it won’t be startling to see Google come up with anything out of the ordinary. Google chrome browser has created a new web image format known as WebP which will help you load large size and heavy images faster and without a problem, particularly on cell phones.

WebP officially pronounced “weppy” will reduce the size of your file by 40 percent which will aid websites to load quicker and minimize the load on networks. Surely, there is one downside to it, the quality of the picture is compromised when it is compacted from its original size but the result is still better than satisfactory.
The software will be officially launched in the next few weeks. At present there are some matters of concern within the group regarding the usage of still frames from the WebM Video format which has been the subject matter of patent disputes. The final result is still undecided, but this Google WebP image format is worth the wait.