Microsoft sues Motorola over Android-related patents

Microsoft the software gaint claimed it has forwarded a complaint against Motorola in US District Court in Washington and has also conveyed it to the International Trade Commission for the infringement of nine Microsoft patents by Motorola’s Android-based smartphones.

Motorola’s execution of Android on their smartphones are indicted of infringement on Microsoft patents involving e-mail, calendar, contact, and meeting time synchronization. Furthermore, Motorola is also held accountable for contravention on patents for pulling cellular signal strength and device battery information.
Microsoft says that it has a responsibility to its customers, shareholders and partners who invest large amounts of money each year in the company and make it what it is today. Microsoft has called for an immediate halt to violation of its original inventions in its Android smartphones. This could end up in Motorola paying a large some of money as penalty as a result of this breach.