Android is tops when it comes to ‘recent’ smartphone buyers

October 8, 2010 – 12:31 pm | by omer

Smartphone has been a craze among the gentile class. Their need for fast mode of communication and connection has increased the market of iPhone and Blackberry. But lately, Android handset has given a major setback to them. According to a survey carried out by Nielsen, the sale of famous handsets iPhone and Blackberry has dropped considerably in last six months.

Though Blackberry still tops the list of Smartphone handsets in the United States with 31 per cent shares in the market; still there has been a sharp decline of 5 per cent sales since January. Similarly,Apple iPhone shows comparatively stronger statistics, but with a slight downward trend of 1 percent.

Nielsen also found out that among the recent buyers of Smartphone, Android has taken a lead of 32 per cent. Subsequently, few surveys also suggested that the slow pick in sales of Android handsets is probably due to the fact that the brand did not for see the upcoming of iPhone 4.

Although the market is flooded with several models of Android handsets consisting of various features, but it is safe to say that the launch of new and improved iPhone 4 has topped the market in terms of quality and innovative features.

Even then, Android has successfully break into the market and made its place on the top shelves. Price is one important factor that has played a role in its success. With price far less than the iPhone and Blackberry, Android is in reach of a larger segment of society.


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