Microsoft demos LightSpace

Microsoft has released a video demo of the next step in its Surface computing project: spatial computing. According to its developers The LightSpace installation is “true ’spatial computing” as it permits complete interactivity within the sapce of a room.

Andy Wilson and Hrvoje Benko, both researchers for Microsoft Research have demonstrated the LightSpace technology in a video. According to the team of LightSpace “combines elements of surface computing and augmented reality research to create a highly interactive space where any surface, and even the space between surfaces, is fully interactive.“

By placing several cameras, each alert at different directions, and a range of projectors settled in a small room, the LightSpace installation lets graphics to be projected on any part of the room that is in the range of both a camera and a projector. The allotment of the cameras in all directions is what does wonders and produce excellent results.

LightSpace Technology lets objects bond while they are in mid-air, for emample, objects being carried from one point and travelled to the other within the room.

LightSpace Technology will put up a challenge for the Microsoft’s Kinect controller-free gaming system.

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