Dell Precision M6500: Powerful Beyond your needs

Dell precision M6500 is the most power full Laptop in market becauseM6500 has latest feature which is not available in any latest laptops. For Example we can install four memory DIMM (holding up to 32GB of RAM) because it has four memory slots and have capacity to install 1GB of hard-drive  and also have 17’’, 1920×1200 pixel screen.According to 29,September its cost is around $4700 appx.

Dell Precision M6500 laptop comes with Built in features like Fingerprint reader,2.0 MP WebCam,Bluetooth,8x rewriteable DVD Drive,3800M graphic card, Its Outer body is made with aluminum with Dell logo and its interior is made with black plastic. Speakers are placed in the top of the Keyboard. There is Reader 2.1 button on top of the keyboard .It also have calculator button on top of the keyboard which is unique features. Dell precision M6500 has two USB 2.0 ports on left side, eight in one card reader, VGA out display port, an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi switch. Its total Weight is 8.5 pound with battery. Its keyboard is very soft and optional backlighting. The Size of Dell precision M6500 is quite Small. Its 1920×1200 pixel screen has great amazing image quality.

Dell laptop Precision M6500 comes with huge and big screen , and also support good Video playback. Speakers sounds are very pleasant also have high quality headphones. The drawbacks of this  notebooks are its weight and its short battery life