Google stays strong as Yahoo slips in search market

October 12, 2010 – 11:15 pm | by omer

The Search Engine Giant Google has time and again proved to be the most proficient, innovative and dominant of all the existing online search websites. According to a leading online intelligence service provider Experian Hitwise, three out of four Internet search users in US use Google Search. The reported 1 percent Gain after concluding that 72.15 percent of all online searches in the U.S. for the four weeks ending October 2 are made through Google.

Googles biggest rival Microsoft Bing, though did not have a favourable fate in September. According to the report by Hitwise, Microsoft holds 23.64% and Yahoo 13.54% of U.S. searches for the month. this concludes that Bing-powered search sites are down 2% overall, while Yahoo is down 5%.

The merger between Yahoo and Bing was made official in August. As said by the Companies the integration will put up a fierce challenge against Google and companies can compete better as one rather than individually. Even that proved to be profitable for Google as both the companies suffered from the merger, Yahoo more than Bing, reported Hitwise.

Shares of Google closed up 1.20 percent at $536.35 on Friday. Microsoft’s shares closed up 0.16 percent at $24.57 while Yahoo! Inc.’s shares closed up 1.83 percent at $14.49.


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