Google’s driven car

October 12, 2010 – 11:50 pm | by omer

Ever since Google has officially announced that it has been test driving the automatically driven cars on the roads of California for months now, there has been mixed sentiments among people towards it. Some are thrilled by the idea of a car driving itself without the aid of a driver while there are those who have concerns.

Google’s aim behind the production these automated cars seems positive and one that is sure to benefit the masses; avoiding road accidents and reduced fuel consumption. It wont really matter if the driver is under the influence of any drug or is intoxicated as the car wont require any assistance of the man behind the wheels.

There are however some concerns, one of which is that this work of science fiction, as Google likes to call it might pose danger on the way if the driver is not attentive enough, and these automated cars will only be efficient if driven by humans.

Another major worry is that although you can use the internet wireles to your hearts content, and use Google search engine, watch TV and what not, it might distract you and you may spend more time looking away from the road which could result in an accident.

Thirdly these cars are to be programmed according to your mode of driving; high-speed or slow, which defies the natural technique of driving cars. One cannot be restriced to drive in the same speed or manner all through their ride and programming the car over and over again can be a hazard.

Another apprehension most of you might have is that Google robot cars will expect us to put all our faith in its machine and sit back and enjoy the ride, the real question is; that as human beings should we not limit the extent to which we can rely or depend on our brainpower and take control?


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