Skype for Android on 3G hack app already available

Only a few days back Skype officially announced the launch of its long due Skype for Android application which everyone had been looking forward to. Verizon network users with Android Devices already benefited from this feature, for the rest of the Android group it was a time of celebrations, and the Android community was thrilled to see a Skype app for the Google OS. The only people who werent so pleased at this development were users in the United States as 3G calling had been put to a halt. While users all over the world could make calls by 3G, callers in US were limited to make calls through WiFi.

There is however a solution discovered for this problem faced by the United States users. A guy named Matt also known as “xeudoxus”, a user on the Droid Forums has launched a modified version of the application and users can download and sideload it through the forums. He has created a hack that will set right the WiFi-calling dilemma and has made a promise that he will continue to amend any problems faced by Users of Android Devices, such as the constraint of Blackboard Mobile Learn and SprintTV both locked to Sprint.

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