Google Is Testing Cars That Drive Themselves

October 13, 2010 – 10:17 pm | by omer

Google has taken up yet another project. Google made official today that it has constructed cars that don’t need a driver behind the steering because they can move themselve in traffic. Google has been test driving the automatically driven cars on the roads of California for months now. According to the announcement Google has been working covertly on automatic cars driven not by a driver but an artificial-intelligence software and can locate anything approaching or around the car and can mimic decisions on part of the driver. It does seem unsusual a aproject for a search engine to take up but it could prove to be useful.

Google called its creation a work of Science Fiction. The test driving has been pretty successful so far, the only exception was an accident which was attributed as a human mistake. A driver and engineer are present at all times in the car, to take caontrol in case of any disrupts and observe the software via computer. Google has showed a lot of confidence in its engineers who have been working day and night to make this development possible. As reported by The New York Times the engineers working for Google have a lot of experience regarding automated cars and the kind of technology involved in the creation of automated cars.

Automated drivers respond more rapidly than humans, have 360-degree acuity and do not get drowsy and remain focused and sober. According to Google this invention will reduce the amount of road accidents as computers are more efficient than human beings and safety of the coustomer is of foremest importance to Google. It will also save time for you to reach your destination and will certianly lessen the burning up of fuel. Plus the ride would become more entertaining as you could spend that time using the wireless internet as you please.

Automated cars have still a long way to go before they are in the reach of the masses but such technology is surely a step further to modify the world like internet has.


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