Mozilla Seabird Smart Phone | Seabird Concept Projector Phone

Google with Android, Apple with iPhone, Microsoft with Windows phone, so why not Mozilla with ‘Seabird’. The tale for world’s best smart phone continues with Mozilla adding another chapter of their latest concept ‘Seabird’.

Technology in mobile devices upgrades everyday, before the concept of Seabird, we have come across several futuristic concepts not only in smartphones, but also other technological devices such as laptops/rolltops, 3D screens, tracking devices and many more.

For now, the Seabird by Mozilla will be ‘to be available soon’ smartphone with Android technology and a built-in 8 mega-pixel camera. The mega mind behind the concept of Mozilla Seabird, Billy May has already won several awards for his concepts designed in Mozilla Concept Labs.

As for the few features of the Seabird phone, it has a wireless charging system, dual pico projectors along with a bluetooth dongle, by which you can virtually operate the entire phone. The execution of the concept or any official production of Seabird has not been announced yet. All we can look for is another mind boggling concept by one of Mozilla’s competitors.