Twitter Crushing Facebook’s Click-Through Rate

With the development of a number of online social networks it is hard to say which network would the companies prefer to advertise there merchandise.

Marketing firm Social Twist issued a report according to which, The result of sending more than a million referral messages sent using the company’s Tell-a-Friend, was that online networking has become more and more about social networking but the old school advertising strategies still have strong roots in the world of Marketing.

According to a survey held last year, there was a significant increase of 10% in the users of social networks, click-throughs crashed by 16% whereas electronic mail remained stable at 55%. Social networks hold 60% of the market sharesand among all the social networks Facebook has the highest number of audience78%,  MySpace taking the second place with 15.5% and Twitter with 5% stands third. However Twitter is still the most successful of all the click-throughs with .  Twitter an enormous average 19.04 clicks, leaving far behind Facebook’s 2.87 clicks.

This will be a sigh of relief for Twitter, whose gone sky rocket with the click-through rate of a $100,000 per day . Acccording to Dick Costolo Twitter CEO , Twitter has flourisehed from the new and innovative forms of marketing developed by the company.