Facebook policies and security risks

October 14, 2010 – 3:37 pm | by omer

Facebook has brought social networking to another level of sophistication and accessibility. With over 500 million users on its credit, the site has become a phenomenon among its users. However, with increasing popularity, it has also attracted harsh criticism against its privacy policies; raising security risks and cases of identity theft.

Risk of identity theft is imminent among the college going students within and outside the United States. Students say they post notes and photos, tag and poke, and use all other applications, while exposed to other users of Facebook. The Facebook administration has warned 70% of its users living outside the United States, that information on their profile can be accessible to other users.

This should always be kept in mind that while saving details about education, location and date of birth; the user is making very easy for the searchers to find the users. Also, such details can be used by the frauds to steal the identities. The Facebook management has warned the international users, as they are more prone to be the victims of this theft than the U.S users.

In reply to growing complaints by the users, Facebook has beefed up its security policy. It has requested its users to take some time out and activate all necessary security tools available by the site. Earlier, users believed that identity theft is just an imaginary phenomenon; but the issue got grave when several such incidents were reported in public and online. To help reduce such mishaps, Facebook suggests its users to take precautions while using applications and use maximum security tools.


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