MYOB , the well known Australian Leading accounting software provider, recently found that just 35 per cent of Australian Business companies had a website. According to serial online entrepreneur Matt Mickiewicz being easily findable on Google is “massively important”.With giant search engines like Google out there, nobody wants to pull out a 4-inch thick book any more.

It is important for today`s Businesses to appear in these search engines when someone runs a search on your kind of business, its like your calling card to the world as online search favors a business unlike anything.

Nowadays, for a company to have its own website and a domain name is fundamental as its adds an extremely professional look to your company`s overall profile.

Think twice before hiring a low-cost foreign source for creating your website. Focus on clarity side and be very specific about the business details. A little difference in the interpretation or meaning of you business details can cost you your international clients. A lot of fancy Flash graphics in your website does not favor your website in terms of online searches as many search engines often ignore them.

In order to get your own business online in a day, you can follow these steps which are low cost and effective:

1.Registrar website

You can get your domain from any major registrar website like or If your domain/ website name has a difficult spelling you should buy the misspellings aswell and have them forwarded to your official domain/website. The overall cost is little. But try to avoid add-ons that the registrars often try to offer in the name of “upselling”. or

Now make an account at or Although they are blogs but more importantly they both are platforms for you to exhibit you business in an easy, free of cost and effective way. WordPress is a better option if you also want tabs at the top of your blog like real websites. Now once you are done with your blog and content you want to display in it, point your website name/domain name you have bought using the step-1 to this blog. It is not going to cost you a penny.

3.Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook Business Page also gives a further boost to your business. Make a personal profile. You can use your business logo as the image to represent your Business Page on this profile. Include a link of your website in this Facebook profile page, invite your friends to “like” your page and you are done. Do not forget to update your page regularly about the latest developments. And again it`s all free.