Free Microsoft Security Tool “Armed” to Kill the Zbot/ZeuS Botnet

Microsoft is aiming to create a new system of robot computers with a revised version of Microsoft Security Essentials, the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT). Malicious Software Removal Tool is accessible for free, but it is only intended to embark upon a restricted number of malicious models contrasting MSE, and is supplied involuntarily as a significant application to Download to Windows users via Windows Update.

Microsoft is developing a new edition of MSRT which will spot and eliminate Win32/Zbot, this along with sixteen additional security press release scheduled to release this month.

Zbot botnet is produced by computers attacked by malware formed by the ZeuS Builder, machines infected by it are used in assails that are aimed at supporting institutions, such as the Bank of America. Tools to develop malware are easily accessible according to Matt McCormack, MMPC Melbourne, Australia.

Win32/Zbot is universally the 14th most preferred botnet family, as stated by Microsoft in the Security Intelligence Report volume 9 (SIRv9). Microsoft security solutions has so far assisted customers to uncontaminate more than 230,000 robot computers, 107,363 in Q1 2010, and 131,078 in Q2 2010.

“Zbot is the latest addition to MSRT’s ever-growing list of malware, and we hope to continue protecting the Windows ecosystem with this new family firmly in our sights.” said Matt McCormack.