Microsoft Issues Biggest Fix Ever For Windows, Explorer, Office

Microsoft Corp officially launched  its biggest-ever security fix on Tuesday, including maintenance of its universal Windows operating system and Internet browser for errors that will enable hackers have power over Computer. Microsoft’s new application intends to repair several susceptibilities together with the infamous Stuxnet virus that assaulted an Iranian nuclear power plant and other industrial and trade manage structures around the globe.

Microsoft stated that four of the software revised versions that take care of  malfunctions or mishaps, were of extreme importance and should be installed without delay to guard consumer from possible hackers on the Windows operating systems. Microsoft has also mended less complex safety threats  in Windows, in addition to the safety problems in its commonly used Office software for PCs and Microsoft Server software for business computers.

Microsoft has so far launched 16 other security softwares  to address 49 tribulations in its stock, several of these security threats were exposed by independent researchers who look for such threats in order to win cash and name infamy.

According to Amol Sarwate, a research manager with computer security provider Qualys Inc, this has become very common as a lot more people are now intentionally looking for such threats.

“white hat” hackers is the official name given to the nerds who state such threats or weaknesses. whereas  “black hats,” are unlawful hackers who detect and abuse these weaknesses.

At the launch the world’s leading software maker proposed that the patches developed comprise of a software that will mend the weakness abused by the Stuxnet virus.

The virus, which infected computers at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant, was also found in Indonesia, India, the United States, Australia, Britain, Malaysia and Pakistan, but Iran was affected the most according to Security research Symantec.

Microsoft to date has fixed three of the four threats violated by Stuxnet’s anonymus makers. Total number of  weaknesses (49) in 2010 supersede the formerly recorded 34 weaknesses located  in October 2009.