Two Google Apps Help Blind Navigate

Google made official the launch of its Android device for the Blind. It introduced two Android features intended to assist the sightless with on foot commands by joining up Google Maps with navigation technology.WalkyTalky and Intersection Explorer, the two android applications both apply oral walking instructions by Google Maps giving the visually-impaired the prospect to travel around.

WalkyTalky is one of the two features, it is an audible device that gives you clear verbal directions, and it offers straight admission to the walking guidelines section of Google Maps and it will read the instructions out loud. Not only that, it will also utter the names of places you walk by. This feature will without a doubt aid the sightless to roam around freely.

Intersection Explorer is the second feature that helps discover places. It is a touch exploration application. It will begin at your present address which you can change in case you move. You can travel around the neighborhood by moving your finger on its screen and as you “explore,” the device will verbalize the instructions and the places your finger is on. The application will call out every street and town you pass so there is no fear of being lost as you can locate yourself by moving your finger on the screen. These applications will also appeal to people who can see as it will enable them to practically stroll around. These new applications are available for free in the Android Market.

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