Bing vs. Google: The Content Wars

October 17, 2010 – 7:11 pm | by omer

The race to capture the bigger market has begun. Google is now thinking of different ways to catch the attention of users. It is working hard on its features like Google TV and Chrome OS notebook etc whereas Bing is speeding up with its Facebook addition. To know who wins the race you need to question your favorite search engine through PC, mobile television or even Facebook.

Earlier, Bing publicized their new feature with the association of Facebook that it will show user’s friends Facebook likes and dislikes while searching for a particular thing using Bing search engine. In answer to this, Google makes a similar social search feature associated with Twitter. It also plans on launching a social networking service. Since people use Facebook more than Twitter, so the results for Google wouldn’t be much satisfying.

Google is bringing novelty and making their search engine better. They are moving way ahead in the areas like Google TV. Devices such as set-top boxes from Logitech and HDTVs from Sony is used to combine web with broadcast television, like if you to watch a particular show or a movie, simply enter the name and it will provide you with the list of local TV and websites offering you what you want to see.

Both the companies are working hard to provide us with the best of Digital Life. Although Microsoft is the biggest competitor when it comes to windows OS, Google also plans to introduce its application Google Chrome OS netbooks. However, it appears that it can’t capture the market the way Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has.

Taking in account ComScore’s results for U.S search engine, Google again proved to be the king in the market as it ranked on number one taking 65.4% of the entire U.S search. Yahoo stood in the second position with the percentage of 17.4, whereas, Microsoft’s Bing took the third position capturing 11.1% of the U.S searches.

Microsoft had to buy Yahoo’s search queries to get close to Google. Even then it couldn’t beat Google or came even close to it in market share. Considering the research done 16 months earlier, right after 10 days Bing was introduced, Google still managed to attract 1.2% more users. Hence, if you combine Bing’s search percentage with Yahoo that makes a total of 28.5, still way behind Google’s market share.

 There may not be any competition when it comes to web traffic, but the struggle for social web on mobile devices has just started.


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