Google keeps growing while Facebook and Microsoft make classic mistake

Google went up to 66% in the share market and now dominates the world of search engines. Facebook and Bing( Microsoft) are partnering to improve search results on Facebook which many view as a mistake.

It’s the breakthrough in Online Advertising that made Google develop this fast. Facebook audience is growing at a rapid pace but the profits for each page is insufficient in comparison with Google. Bing has 11.2% of all the searches but the profits are fewer than that.

Google works as both search engine and advertising company, but the advertiseing wing keeps things camouflaged although it’s the ads that are bringigng in all the profits.

Google has spent a large sum of money to enhance its search engine which is the reason it broods about the online search service.

Advertisers in most cases believe that marketing via Google has profited them more than advertisements any place.

Facebook needs to improve the quality of its online search service to supersede Google in the future.