Skype Coming to Japanese Cell Phones

Skype one of the famous social networking company has signed an agreement with Japanese  largest Telecommunication Company KDDI.  Which is marked under the ‘au’ brand name. KDDI is the country’s second largest telecommunication company  with 32 billion customers at the end of September, after NTT. Skype instant messenger app will provide its internet telephony services offered on cell phones and broadband internet and to cable TV customers.

One of the senior offical ,Takashi Tanaka, senior vice president of KDDI stated that they are working side by side with Skype to bring more developed features that would satisfy their customer needs as well as brings a change to the Telecommunication world.

Skype Spokesman said that after the phones are put on sale then once can measure the outcome of this collaboration betweeb KDDI and Skype. KDDI will introduce their Skype Android Brew-based mobile phones next year.  And also planning  to advertise unlimited Skype to Skype calls in the beginning. Later on, Skype has also planned to provide their consumers with a call routing feature.