CoPilot Live USA for Android Launches for $4.99

ALK Technologies today announced the release of CoPilot Live USA, carrying fully functional  audio guide GPS navigation to Android smartphones and tablet devices for the meager price of only  $4.99.

CoPilot Live USA is by now the preference for iPhone and iPad owners because it offers uncomplicated tag along service, comprehensible 3D directions outlook and oral instructions across the USA. You can view comprehensive street-level maps that are already present in the device, which enables you to move around without having to depend on internet.
Reaching desired locations is made more convenient as the device foretells the address  just as you type. Countless helpful Points of Interest (POIs) are already present in the device, such as  gas stations, restaurants and several recreational and important places. ClearTurn™ practical demonstration points out lane and signs for smooth journey through intricate crossroads and junctions.
CoPilot Live USA allows you to access helpful and immediate information through your  mobile internet connection. The application comprise of consumption of 14 days of sophisticated and synchronized traffic information service of CoPilot Live’s, ActiveTraffic™, which estimates routes and ETAs according to existing traffic situation.
According to Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director, CoPilot Live Navigation, the  most recent Android integrated smartphones and tablet gizmos offer  better-quality in-car routing facility for merely $4.99.