Adobe X is not that mysterious

Adobe Acrobat X’s release must have created a mix of nervousness and anticipation in the group behind the invention. The X family unit which is composed of Acrobat, Reader and Suite, purportedly authorize experts to generate superior and original material. The creation of the name Acrobat X lift the hopes of the company as it was neither novel nor innovative.

Adobe X wasn’t advertised smartly, the team seemed to have gone less novel in their marketing approach.  With addition of complimentary Adobe Reader X designed for Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry Tablet OS Adobe team is working vigorously to make PDF available to mobile phones. But success also lies in brilliant publicity that Adobe X lacked.

Enhanced screening of PDF files is made possible through a “Protected Mode” in the Reader application. With heavy flow of press releases coming in, its hard to say if electronic and print media would bother broadcasting such intricate details.

Kevin Lynch Acrobat digital enterprise solutions group VP and general manager said that now a days people all the more require to be in touch and team up consistently and proficiently with people other than their work place.

Adobe X is creating and adding new features to its package, but how successful will that development proves to be is yet to be seen.

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