Mobile browser Skyfire now working harder towards Adobe Flash

October 20, 2010 – 10:45 am | by omer

Skyfire made an official announcement this week according to which it is hiring a foremost team member of Adobe’s Flash group, Vinay Ramani.

Vinay Ramani was the Group Product Manager for Flash from 2006 to 2010 and a significant link amid Flash and mobile device manufacturers.

Skyfire is a mobile web browser for Windows Mobile, Google Android, and Symbian S60 v3 and v5. It is a web browser which functions by providing requested web page on a proprietary server. Provided data is passed on to the browser which exhibits the material. Its works quicker compared to mobile browsers. Current versions are 2.2 for Android and 1.5 for Symbian and Windows Mobile.

The key function of Skyfire’s browser is to pour out heavy data to mobile phones at a rapid pace. Skyfire is known for creating an excitement about this and affluent mass media. Vinay Ramani as an advisor on the board, increases Skyfire’s conviction in opting for Flash as a mobile web platformin the time to come.

Jeff Glueck, Skyfire CEO confirms this idea by saying that the leading design for web video is Adobe Flash as before and that Vinay will contribute in making this conviction possible as he knows how significant Skyfire will prove to be for for the enhancement of Flash’s enactment.

The recruitment of the Ex-Group Manager of Flash is surely a step further for Skyfire.


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