Windows Phone 7 with a special Bing application is all you need on your smartphone for easy breezy browsing. And this Bing application does far more than just search. It links you up with Bing Maps, shows you what’s going on around, and updates you with insights on global and local news and a lot more.

With Windows Phone 7 and its Bing application on your disposal, all you need to do is to press Search key and you are done. Its updates your locations as you move and makes sure you get the desired information relative to your GPS positioning. With a new background picture every time you open it, Windows Phone 7’s Bing application also features an Interactive Information Tiles. It pops up as some random picture anywhere on the background and gives you interesting fact about the picture once you click it. Bing categorizes your search into News, Web and Local groups, making your Bing search experience more diversified and simply unforgettable.

Nowadays smartphones have got it all. Your communication with the world! You can excess web with your phone in a simple and easy way. What`s better than that?.