Microsoft has come up with a number of innovations to improve its appearance and efficiency. Microsoft one of the many attempts has been the creation of Vista, which was launched earlier. But the windows Vista operating system did not come up to the expectations of Microsoft users. To counter the damage done by vista, Microsoft introduced its new amazing and revolutionary operating system Windows 7 – very unique and user friendly.

Microsoft Windows 7 is packed with bundle of high tech features and became a success story as soon as it came in the market. Its success can rightfully be attributed to its innovative features that could easily be comprehended by its users. The famous features are the New Task Bar, the Jump List, the Ribbon, the Touch Tablet and Libraries among others.
Windows 7 Taskbar combines the features of the classic Taskbar and the new one. Another important feature of the Microsoft Windows 7 is the Jump Lists. Jump Lists functions in such a manner, that it lists frequently used files in menu thats only a click away from the shortcut icon on the Taskbar or on the Start Menu.
Also, Windows Explorer has received some changes – the ones that were much needed since Vista’s miserable failure. Moreover, the Ribbon is a main feature in Windows 7, which has replaced traditional menus and shortcut bars in Office 2007.

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