Google Calls Microsoft Cloud Strategy A “Filibuster”

Microsoft recently launched Office 365 which will be another in the series of services offered via Cloud in an effort to strengthen the relationship between the two. Google however, has another agenda, and according to some analysts they just cant stop bragging!

Google Enterprise President Dave Girouard says Office 365 is a replication of a number of Microsoft’s previous applications and by labeling it with a tricky new name they want to make it a good sell.

“It’s one big filibuster,” were his choice of words.

Comments from Girouard could be the reaction to the fact that Google was not among the guests lists to bid on the deal at New York. Google refuse to see it as a viable success.

Girouard seems in no doubt when he claims that this venture will remain stagnant and wont make any progress. Microsoft will still be selling the same upgraded applications.

Although he did accept that Google has seen an increase in the calls for the selling of Microsoft products. Microsoft is often seen to have influenced companies otherwise making a deal with Google to opt for Microsoft instead by putting in bribes like concessions or other inducements. though this scheme didn’t go in the favour of Microsoft as it failed to bring any damage to Google.

He further added that Google has a 90% maintenance rate, which is not due to a confinement. He said that to aid those enterprise who want to exchange, Google has a group; the Data Liberation Front which explains and assists those who want to move data in and out of Google products.

25% and 30% of Google Application sales are made through Accenture and Cap Gemini. The accounts of these two companies and others of the same magnitude are handled by a staff of 1,000 employees.

According to Girouard, Google applications has maintained a growth rate identical to any other division of Google and also said that Google intends to make money with paid subscriptions of Google applications and not through mere marketing of its products.