Google Earth Takes Users into Outer Space

Travelling around live in space is now a feature that Google Earth will offer through the new and innovative “map the universe” stratum, said Google and Slooh this Friday. Slooh’s Space Camera equipment and its global network of mechanical mountaintop telescopes are incorporated which will permit Google Earth customers to discover outer space instantaneously and join in charting the cosmos.

Michael Paolucci, Founder of Slooh shared his thooughts over the partnership and said that he is delighted over this joint venture with Google Earth and this will accomplish their task to encourage scientific illumination among the masses and impart knowledge of our planet to Google’s global viewers.

The only hitch that people might hit upon is that management of the cameras are only permitted to clients who have  a membership, others are restricted to sight imageries taken by the Space Camera. Google Earth currently contains over 35,000 exceptional images.

Google will also present live and up to date information of outer space occurrences, like lunar eclipses, with a superior quality auditory recitation by Bob Berman and an other Slooh observer, according to Slooh.

The company further stated that Slooh sine 2004 made available live reporting of several significant space events, for instance eclipses, transits, comets, and supernova discovery.