iDuple, an Indian company, recently announced about its plans to release its very own internet tablet and we are interested in the case! The concept this Indian based company`s tablet is expected to follow is a combination of ideas that have developed over the years. So let’s investigate the case!

iDuple`s internet tablet will come with one app of web browser. It will have no hard drive and is expected to have the capability of booting in about 5 seconds. iDuple has been specially designed to remotely connect you to a server that runs a virtual operating system. This browser based tablet will have a 50 GB of cloud-based storage space for files. With operating system in the clouds, the apps will run in the cloud in iDuple. For handling resource-intensive applications the tablet won`t require a lot of storage or a fast processor.

Indian manufacturing company iDuple internet table will be a low-cost product for the users and will prove useful in accessing their user environment from any computer with a web browser. iDuple tablet might not work offline. The history tells us that it`s difficult to implement the cloud-based operating system or the browser-based operating system, so iDuple should keep its fingers crossed. iDuple has only come up with a concept picture of its internet tablet so far and a demo of the web-based operating system can be seen from the official website of iDuple.