Microsoft office 2003 users, faces issues while opening the document file created in Microsoft Office 2007. Frustration related to opening of office 2007 document in older version Microsoft office 2003, really pushing users to squeeze down thee choice to have newer version of Microsoft Office.

Now newer version Microsoft office 2010 come out in the market, is this problem going to get worse? We say “NO”. As  Microsoft has provided simple solution  to all Microsoft office users related to this issue, who want to stay with their preferred version of Microsoft Office and still want to enjoy the fruits of latest versions just as much.  Microsoft Office Compatibility tools say good bye to all the worries of Microsoft office users with respect to office file (Word, Excel, and Power Point) compatibility with all version of Microsoft office.

Follow the three simple steps to get rid of this problem:

Open the Microsoft Office Compatibility link:

If you try open a “docx” file, which is Office 2007 saved file, in Office 2003 then you are likely to see this error message. As soon as u click “OK” Microsoft office redirects you to “Office Compatibility Pack” download link. As it is a free application by Microsoft, you can also install it online even without encountering this error message first.

Download the Microsoft Office Compatibility file to your desired location:

Make sure your Windows and Office are up to date before going any further. You can use this link for this purpose Open it in a new browser and click Enter. Now follow the instructions. Once you are done with that, visit and click the Download button. Use Start download link in case the download dose not start by itself in 30 seconds. If you encounter File Download Security Warning dialogue, click Save and choose a location on your hard drive for the downloaded file

Install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

Open the folder that contains the downloaded file and double-click on it. Name of this file will be FileFormatConverters.exe. You can ignore the security warnings that may appear before you launch the Office Compatibility Pack installation wizard. Accept the license and then click Continue. Installation will start and complete automatically. Once the installation is complete click ok and you are done.

Now you should be able to open any version of Microsoft Office file with Office 2003. But as Office 2003 lacks a lot of features offered in the newer versions, some setting might not fall into place. You can resave the files in Office 2003 format, but you may lose some formatting settings in the document.