Sprint Nextel, one of the Top U.S. mobile service and a leader in telecommunications and technology, now unveils the iPad rival, which is considered as the most credible competitor of Apple`s iPad.

Sprint plans to start the sale of its tab on 14th November for $400, whereas the Apple`s iPad has been on sale for $630 since the start. But although Sprint tab sounds cheap but the users may end up paying more cash over time as the discount comes with a two-year contract that’s charges $29.99 for two gigabytes of data downloads per month. Sprint customers can also opt for $59.99 for 5 gigabytes of data downloads per month. So that makes a total of $1,120 over two years including the service fees.

Since most of the U.S. population already own cell phones, operators are eying future growth from connections to new devices like tablet computers or laptops. Analysts say it this Sprint tab is to compete against iPad, it will have to go for $400 or lower. Let`s see if this iPad rival succeed in stirring up the market.