Apple iPod changed the music culture worldwide in a way no other product did ever before. Apple with its stylish and futuristic iPods lifted everybody`s toes in the air and on the music. This iconic music player has been one of the biggest hits ever and Apple keeps coming back for more.

Apple iPod 4th generation has a whole new aura around it and the streets are about to experience a makeover all over again with everyone showing off their very own colorful iPods once more.

Apple iPod shuffle is back to its rectangular design in this 4th generation of iPod shuffle, with inch long sides and almost as airy as a feather in body weight. With a signature four-way keypad, it is performance and style packed in one tiny being. Apple iPod gives you a near 15 hours of audio playback with a decent sound quality. With storage capacity of 2GB, this iPod shuffle makes u chose between 500 songs and enough hours of audio playback to get through long journeys.

Apple iPod shuffle 4th generation is a handy music player that takes minimum space and looks like a hair clip unlike the third generation that was a bit too small for its own good. Its battery can entertain you with 12.5 hours of non-stop playback which is not too bad. Apple iPod shuffle 4th generation is as good as the older models and everyone should have one.

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