Apple plans to sell iPhones directly to customers

Apple iPhone has been in headlines since the time of its creation and contractors have been trying to grab their hands on this stylish and amazing Apple product ever since. You must have seen headlines like “Apple iPhone comes to AT&T”, “Apple iPhone comes to Verizon”, “Apple iPhone comes with 2 year contract”. But it seems like picture is about to change as Apple likes to give surprises.

Apple iPhone rumors now suggest that Apple may be attempting to embed a custom, writeable SIM chip in future Apple iPhones. The SIM module will enable Apple to sell iPhones directly to its customers with little or no direct carrier involvement. Apple is working with SIM card manufacturer to create a custom SIM chip that would be embedded in the Apple iPhone itself. This SIM can be reconfigured to work on a different carrier by uploading a small file with carrier-specific data.

This Apple move could benefit European market more than any other market where there are many carriers fighting for customers and a simple phone call may be enough to update the internal SIM to work on a different carrier’s network, allowing Apple to cater its customers directly and users to choose a carrier of their choice.

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