Italy Latest Country To Probe Google’s Street View

Google is yet again facing the heat, this time from Italian Authorities who will probe into Google’s Street View mapping feature for alleged infringement of privacy, said the Italian prosecutors on Wednesday.

Google has vowed to fully oblige with the investigators and expressed regret over any accidental breach of privacy.

This is not the first incident of this sort; in fact a number of countries have previously revealed such apprehensions due to the invasion of personal info that the Google street view imposes because of the street-level imagery it offers. To this Google did admit that some data collected is of the personal nature which includes emails and passwords.

The privacy supervisory body in Italy demanded that Google to sees to it that its data-collecting cars are visibly marked so that the company may keep citizens familiar with the course of the automobile. It was after this that the investigation conducted in Rome was made public. According to the establishment in Italy Google hasn’t fully cooperated so far.

Google apologized for what it called an accidental contravene of privacy in Italy, and said that the moment it came to their notice they put a hold to the collection of data from their street view cars and informed the establishment without any further delay.

Three of the Google recruits came under the fire when they put up a video on the internet of an autistic teenager being harassed which they captured via Google street mapping and made huge profits of it. As a result they were found guilty and charged by a court in Milan and were rusticated and sentenced for six months. The advocates of Internet freedom spoke against this decision.