Verizon and AT&T Launch Apple iPad

Apple iPad seems to be this holiday season`s Apple.

Apple is everywhere and Apple iPad makes a grand entry in more than 2000 Apple stores this Thursday, where Verizon wireless offers Apple iPads bundled with a MiFi mobile hot spots or Wi-Fi-only units. And that`s not all Apple iPad will be showcased in another 2200 stores on Thursday where AT&T will offer iPad Wi-Fi + 3G models with data plans starting at $14.99 a month. Whereas Verizon is offering three versions of the iPad Wi-Fi with MiFi: a 16GB model for $629.99, a 32GB version for $729.99, and a 64GB model for $829.99.

Apple’s iPads currently work exclusively with AT&T’s cellular network, although Apple iPads has the mobile hot spot access via other carriers’ networks. But Apple iPad, as suggested by analysts, might get caught in a tussle, as some critics of AT&T’s service for Apple iPhone and Apple iPad may prefer Verizon’s network over AT&T.