If you have a whole iTunes playlist that you have made over months but no Apple iPhone or iPod to play it with then we have just the solution for you. For all you out there who don’t have an Apple iPhone/iPod with themselves, wish to change their Apple iPhone but not their iTunes playlist or don’t want to carry an Apple iPod along with their Android mobile then we have just one simple WithMe application that can make all the misery go away. (Assuming you own an Android smartphone).

WithMe is an Android app that makes the user wirelessly synchronize and download complete iTunes playlists to their Android phone over Wi-Fi or the mobile network. This WithMe app will let the user choose from specific playlists in iTunes rather than just grabbing everything when you might not want all your tunes on your mobile phone.

WithMe only needs a network or Wi-Fi connection to download the tracks. Once you are done with downloading, you can listen to the music without any connection. You can try WithMe for free for the first 30-days to see if it works for you and if it does then you can get your own WithMe app for a fair $14.99 on the Android Market.

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