VLC for Apple iPhone, iPad not available at Apple App Store

November 2, 2010 – 10:48 am | by omer

Apple, the iPod, iPhone and iPad giant, is good at makes headlines. Whether it is about Apple iPhone 4 controversies, latest Apple iPhone 5 release date or Apple MacBook Air amazing specs, Apple is in the news 24/7. Apple App store comes up with updates more frequently than any other mobile phone company for its more than amazing iPhones, iPods and iPads. Apple recently brought your favourite VLC Media player to your Apple iPhone mobiles and Apple iPad tablet computers. But now sources say, Apple has decided to take the favour back. Ouch!

Apple made VLC Media Player available in the Apple iTunes App Store for Apple iPad and iPhone. But now, reports say that it might be removed from the Apple App Store. VLC has got a CNU Public License; this is something that can be copied for free and it can be shared as well. Whilst, this is not the exact case when it come to your Apple iPhone and Apple iPad version of VLC Media Player, as Apple would insert DRM code into each and every application available in the Apple App store.

Apple iPhone and Apple iPad users may feel sad after the news as Remi Denis-Courmont, one of the original developers of VLC, has regarded this act of Apple inserting a code into VLC Media player for Apple iPad and Apple iPhones as damaging to the original VLC project and has sent a Copyright Infringement Notice to Apple. So if you have not downloaded the VLC for your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch yet then it is the right time. Enjoy the bounties of VLC experience while you can.


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