Apple iPhone lead with highest data traffic over android smartphones

Apple iPhone vs. Android smartphones, the epic battle continues. Apple seems to be beating Android on a lot of fronts and with huge margin. Apple, since the time of its iPods, iPhones 4, iPhone 3Gs and now iPad showcase, has become an iconic gadget with the whole world keeping its eyes on every latest Apple development. Whether it is the bad press or applause, Apple is going steadfast and successful.

Apple iPhone users are responsible for two-thirds of worldwide mobile cellular traffic, despite the fact that Apple users represent only 13 per cent of all mobile phone users according to new research from Informa Telecoms & Media. Informa Telecoms & Media says that “Average traffic per user will increase by 700 per cent over the next five years as people spend more time browsing the internet on portable devices.” Reports reflect that the data use in Western Europe will rise from 44MB per month to 736MB per month till the year 2015, thanks to high end Apple and Android devices designed for premium data users.

Apple iPhone is currently the highest data traffic-generating mobile phone with an average of 196MB a month. On the other hand for the Android mobile user the average sums up to around 148MB of data in one month. Informa expects that the Apple smartphone will continue to lead because Apple iPhones focus on targets like premium data users. Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Android phones and many more on the other hand provide services to the low-, mid- and high-end markets at the same time, which is the reason behind comparatively low traffic per user rate by Android users.  But Android mobile phones are expected to catch up with the pace and it seems that it will not be far behind the Apple mobile phones, because some of the high-end Android devices like Motorola Droid series phones like Droid2, Droid X, XPERIA X8 and many more have already been recorded exceeding the 200MB /month average of traffic per user rates.

Apple has been successful so far in keeping its lead above Android. But from where we see the battle is far from over. And this is the real fun part!

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