Download Netflix for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 keeps getting better. The new Microsoft mobile phone operating system OS7 now gets even bigger with another luxury knocking on your door if you own a Microsoft Windows 7 mobile phone. If you are a Windows Phone 7 user then step up your game because now you can download Netflix for your Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

Netflix is a free app for Windows Phone 7 that allows you to watch TV shows and stream movies on your phone through Netflix servers. Now using this latest Netflix app on your Windows Phone 7 you can search titles of movies and different shows and then you can play them directly on you mobile phone screen. Having all that fun in just a couple of clicks is just one of the many benefits you will have using this amazing combo of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and Netflix free application. Now you can download Netflix for your Microsoft Windows Phone 7 by connecting your phone to Zune and then search for “Netflix” in the market. But you can also download this Netflix app directly on your mobile phone. Things do not get simpler than this!

Microsoft showed off this Netflix Instant Watch app today not only to help the Windows Mobile 7 but it also benefits Netflix in the process. The competition for Netflix also gets fierce as Blockbuster and Wal-Mart have jumped into the DVD/live streaming game as well.  So this duet is not only for the sake of audience but caters these major high-tech industry giants as well. In the meanwhile you enjoy whatever that come your way.

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