Angry Birds Valentine Day Update coming in February

December 6, 2010 – 4:37 am | by Emile

I don’t think that any game is as popular in the smartphone world as Angry Bird as it is available in many platforms like on iOS devices, Android, Symbian phone with touch in it and some others. Now because of its popular we don’t have just one version of Angry Bird now it is available in different versions. We have Angry Birds Halloween edition and Angry Birds Season Christmas Edition was released as an update to the Halloween Edition only a few days ago and with it came a Christmas Theme.And now we are hearing that Rovio are currently working on a Valentines Day update.

Swap pumpkins for hearts come February 2011, which is when the next Angry Birds Season update is scheduled. Like the pumpkins in the Halloween release, popping hearts will earn you extra points per level.

A new type of bird is also planned, although the details are unclear. It could be a Cupid-like avian wonder that shoots an arrow from its beak when the screen is tapped. Perhaps it’ll be a heartbreaking songbird that can burst hearts for points by chirping when tapping the screen.

Apart from this we have heard a strange thing about Angry Birds is that Rovio is working on PSN , Xbox and Wii version of Angry Bird , I wonder how that would be .But this rumor is not confirmed but at this time you can enjoy Angry Bird on your Smartphone and wait till February for the Angry Bird Valentine day update.


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