Download 3 Best Selling Games For Nokia TouchScreen Phone

December 21, 2010 – 4:25 pm | by Zulfiqar

Game is best time pass for Mobile user.My own opinion cell phone without game nothing.Here the list of the game that Download three Best selling Games for Nokia Touch Screen phone in Symbian market.These game was popular due to their resolution .I hope you all enjoy to play these game.

Angry Birds Seasons

Most casual news-watchers are familiar with bombs with names like Bunker Busters and Daisy Cutters. However, we were surprised to learn that multicolored chickens, when pushed to the limits by egg-stealing green pigs, can take on the properties of these same missiles.

Explosive chickens, adorable as they are, would be pointless without some cool structures to topple, and Angry Birds provides a generous 63 of them. Everything from stone castles to glass houses can be thoroughly demolished, with the egg-stealing pigs squashed inside.


Armageddon Squadron

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Armageddon Squadron is an arcade flight simulator giving players the chance to try their wings in some of the best known aircraft of the World War II era in a variety of mission types and environments.


Prince of Persia 4

The Sands of Time trilogy, played out in three games between 2003 and 2005, keeps the common elements of an unnamed Prince, Vizier and Princess (Farah), and focuses rather on two critical elements – The Sands of Time and The Dagger of Time, both with connections to the concept of time travel. The Sands have the power to infect and turn all forms of life into dangerous monsters, while the Dagger of Time has the power to slow down, stop and even reverse time.



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