Nokia outsourcing Symbian to Accenture

Few months ago I had a little talk with a Nokia executive about the future of Symbiam and I was told that Nokia would surely carry on their work with symbian.But I had my doubts and now Nokia is ready to outsource their work of Symbian.

Nokia will surely continue to build new hardware for Symbian phone but from now they will not work on their Symbian OS but instead they have outsourced Symbian to Accenture.Nokia and Accenture announced this news on Wednesday and now Accenture would start work on Symbian from October 2011.

Nokia’s EVP of smartphones Jo Harlow said

Our collaboration with Accenture allows us to meet our ongoing commitment to support our Symbian smartphone customers and continue to leverage the talent that has the deepest experience on the platform.

As we move our primary smartphone platform to Windows Phone, we will look to explore potential opportunities to tap this talent pool as they develop and expand their knowledge and capabilities beyond Symbian.

Many people were denying this fact but I think after the deal between Nokia and Microsoft of Windows Phone , it was obvious that Nokia could not work on all these things so they had to give Symbian away.