Youtube to MP3 converter review

Your fast and free YouTube to MP3 converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is a fast and reliable downloader software that is available for free on With this software, you can easily convert and download YouTube videos to MP3 format and listen them anytime you want to.

Application can be used on different Windows devices irrespective of the Windows operating system that is present on the device. It has been tested on Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems and worked with the same efficiency in all these listed environments.

Program takes only 20 Mb of your device storage space and doesn’t require any additional packages to be installed.The installation process is straightforward, and can be done by anybody; all you have to do is select your preferred language, agree to the terms and conditions. The package is clean and safe which is prooved by VirusTotal check up.Download process is rapid and simple, causing no complications or and require no weird specifications. The entire download and installation takes nothing more than 3 minutes to complete.

How to Use Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

User interface is one the friendliests you will see on the Internet. Once you have successfully installed and ran the software, you will notice an input box and PASTE button, so that you can copy and paste the link of the YouTube video you want to convert. Once this is done, the software quickly checks the video to confirm that you pasted a valid URL and to ensure that no mistake was made. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter ensures that its users face no trouble while they convert audio from YouTube videos. You can download mp3 music to your computer and also directly save songs from the internet by simply putting in the music URL.

Once the video has been successfully obtained, a list would be displayed where you can select the quality of the music download you would like to have and also save to computer. The available set of qualities include;

  • MP3 – Original quality, 160 kbps
  • MP3 – Standard quality, 128 kbps
  • MP3 – Low quality, 96 kbps
  • WAV – Loseless

These variety of qualities is provided in order to meet the different preferences of users, depending on what quality they want. After choosing your preferred quality you can select a folder where you would like to save the converted file.

Overall Free YouTube to MP3 Converter offers the fastest converting and user-friendly interface on the internet today, and this software has easy accessibility.

In conclusion, the key features of the app include a rapid conversion of YouTube videos to MP3, availability of different MP3 qualities up to 320kpbs, user-friendly interface, and easy accessibility, amongst others.

Convert any YouTube video to MP3 today with Free YouTube to MP3 Converter.