Everything You Need to Know About Google Pixelbook 12in

If you are a tech lover, you must be interested in knowing about the latest Google products. Recently, Google has been experimenting with its new form of laptops and tablets. In 2017, Google launched its own Pixelbook. This new product type received a lot of interest from its target market. The unique selling point was that it was a pure Google product, it can be used as a laptop or a tablet, and it supported the Google OS system. The latest of all products released is the Google Pixelbook 12in, released in 2022.

Google Pixelbook 12in is not a typically styled laptop, instead, it can be used as a laptop, or a tablet and has touch pen features as well. This new release of Google Pixelbook 12in focuses on speed and efficiency. It has an in-built Google operating system. It has a lot of new features that we will discuss in detail.

Some Prominent Tech Features in Google Pixelbook 12in:

Not all tech products satisfy all the market needs. Some are targeted to a particular tech segment. For instance, a game lover will prefer high-speed performance to design and other physical layouts. Similarly, some people will prefer extreme security protocols in a computing system over any other feature. Google Pixelbook 12in offers both, a high-performance speed and a secured network to manage all data online and offline.

Along with its sleek design, it is equipped with a lot of high-tech features that facilitate all of its users to perform any task easily. Some of the most prominent tech features are listed here

·         7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor for fast browsing

·         Dual-core CPU with 1.2GHz speed

·         16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage

·         12.3in display size

·         2400×1600 display resolution

·         400nit brightness options

·         Supports external drives or storage options

As we can see, Google Pixelbook 12in is supported by an i7 processor, 16 GB Ram, 512 GB SSD storage, and a Chrome OS operating system. It also offers a 360-degree touchscreen option with crisp visuals supported by a 2400×1600 display resolution. The operating system starts within 10 seconds. Google Assistant, Bluetooth, and touch pen options are also available. In short, it is a 4-in-1 convertible design operating system. You can use it as a laptop, tent, tablet, or as an entertainment device. It all depends on your needs.

Furthermore, there is another extraordinary feature, you may use the Google Assistant option in 3 different ways. You can use your voice, type, or circle with the pen to search for anything you want. You can press a special key on the keyboard and say “Ok Google” to start a search, or you may use the Pixelbook pen to circle something while pressing its button to open a Google Assistant.

Now, moving on to the Pixelbook pen, it has good pressure sensitivity. It is easy to use and draw things. Although it does some predictive drawing, it can be adjusted with quick movements. Another important point to add here is that you will have to buy the pen separately.

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Important Features of Google Pixelbook 12in:

Here are some more interesting Google Pixelbook 12in design and style features.

·         Design

·         Audio & Keyboard

·         Battery·         Software & Operating System


Another appealing factor to buying a Google Pixelbook 12in is that it has a unique, and sleek design. Although it is a small laptop with a 3:2 aspect ratio, but it still attracts many customers due to its slim metallic body and silicon writs rests. It has a total of 10.3 mm thickness and weighs only 2.5 pounds (1.13 kg). It provides a more sharp and more crisp display compared to the Apple Retina display. On the sides, it has 2 Type C cable connectors and a headphone jack on the left side.

Audio & Keyboard:

This ultra-thin Pixelbook offers loud and clear audio. The speakers are placed under the keyboard. This makes it more compact and intriguing to look for. The Pixelbook 12in has a backlit keyboard. The keyboard keys are small and placed close to each other. The Pixelbook 12in does not have a caps lock button. Instead, it has its own devoted key. It can be used for Google Assistant. Along the keyboard is the touchpad, which itself is simple and easy to use.


One of the best things about this Pixelbook 12in is that the battery can last for 10 hours with only 2 hours of charging. Amazingly, this continuous usage of the device does not increase its temperature. The device maintains its coolness despite hours of hard usage. This is another impressive feature of the Google Pixelbook 12in, as it does not easily get heated up.

Software & Operating System:

The new operating system introduced in Pixelbook 12in boots up really quickly within 10 seconds. It is a cloud-based operating system. The internet connection is fast, secure, and reliable. All the updates are done automatically.  Google Play Store and Android apps are integrated into this device. The data is secured by TPM technology.

Some Points to Consider:

We have mentioned a lot of positive aspects of this ultra-thin computing device. However, there are some points to mention before sharing the final thoughts. Most users suggest that Google Pixelbook 12in does not have such great audio and camera options according to its price. The volume is loud and clear, but still, it is not up to the mark. Similarly, some state that the battery life should be extended for more hours. We know that 10 hours is a lot, but some people prefer having a longer battery life if they are making a $1000 purchase.

Final Words:

Google Pixelbook 12in is not a usual tech item that everyone can afford. You have to spend $1000 wisely on making any purchase. However, there are no specific reasons to not buy this Pixelbook. It is an advanced, aesthetic, and useful device. The aesthetics are appealing, the visual quality is better than its competitors. It is lightweight and integrated with multiple operating options. Moreover, it can be used as an office laptop, a designer’s tablet, or a simple entertainment device.

The advanced core processor, high-performance speed, tight security system, and spacious storage options provide a competitive edge over its competitors. Therefore, ordering a new Google Pixelbook can be a useful investment.