Nokia Aeon concept phone goes 1up on the iPhone

The Nokia R&D department has certainly been kept┬ábusy lately, what with other companies threatening to undo Nokia’s stranglehold on the mobile phone market in general. Samsungs come up with INNOV8, Apple with an updated version of their iPhone, HP’s starting to promote their iPaq PDA, T-Mobile released the G1, etc. And now they have come up with an answer…

Hence the Nokia Aeon concept phone. Apple iPhone has a touchscreen you say? Well the whole front surface of the Nokia Aeon is a touch screen. That’s right! The keypad is just a visual image.

Nokia Aeon Pictures

Nokia Aeon zahipedia_nokiaaeon zahipedia__nokiaaron4 Nokia Aeon Blue

9 Replies to “Nokia Aeon concept phone goes 1up on the iPhone”

  1. Amazing…
    Nokia is always best, in touchscreen they are little bit late, but Nokia Aeon is looking ahead of all. Its also depend on specs.

  2. M lookng 4 a nokia touch screen hand set with a slim body my estimate is upto Rs 15000 could u pls suggst me which 1 i can go 4….

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