Windows Vista SP2: Microsoft back with a bang

Ladies and gentlemen, Microsoft proudly presents Windows Vista Service Pack 2. No wait! Lets have a quick flashback. With claims of Service Pack 1 still in beta version, god knows what Microsoft is trying to prove by launching SP2. Reports notify that Microsoft has announced SP2 to be released in April 2009 for manufacturing.

Details from different sources suggest that SP2 will include fixes for numerous problems which include issues with DUIs, MRIs and UTIs. It also seems that SP2 will integrate an absolutely new filing system codenamed ‘greenbelt’. The system will be around 67% less efficient than the NTFS, but on the brighter side, it will be 3% more enviromentally friendly.

Vista Service Pack 2 is also expected to proffer solutions to problems that Microsoft has not yet invented. On the other hand, it has come to the evidence that over the past 12 years, Microsoft has delivered 14 Windows service packs.

The gap between Sevice Pack 1 and Service Pack 2 was a record 697 days, which makes it almost two full years! but that is wishy-washy in comparison to the gap between Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3. Only if we pull out Service Pack 3 and also disregard NT4 SP2, we find out that the average gap between service-pack releases is around 300 days, or just around under a year. Now all we can do is sit back and wait till Vista SP2 is available in the market.

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