Windows Vista and XP stay behind Windows 7 build 7000 in practical testing

The Windows upgrade provided by Microsoft that too in the form of Windows 7 build 7000 has truly outperformed Windows Vista and Windows XP when it comes to real-world tasks. The magical Windows  7 beta is fabulously doing well for itself.

One must be thinking how can we actually compare the aforementioned operating systems in the light of real world tasks. Well, there is no particular science available for such test, but it is very simple to do so.

First we shall acquire a standard system which has the ability to run all the specified operating systems. Lets say, our test system should be loaded with an AMD Phenom 9700 setup and an Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 number with ATI and NVIDIA graphics respectively.

In fact, tests have been conducted on such specifications. Windows 7 beta build 7000 clearly was better in general installation than Windows Vista or Windows XP but with a few exceptions. These exceptions include the default desktop, main GUI (Graphical User Interface) and system load display.

But we should not forget our primary aim – performance testing. The Windows 7 performs better in informal tasks such as boot-up, shutdown, file maneuvers, installation of different programs and other common tasks. Windows explorer, file search, file sorting, data organization are also better in Windows 7 than Vista or XP.


In all, the crazy rumor making rounds that Microsoft on purpose leaked the Windows 7 beta so that it could gain some positivity towards itself…build 7000 requires no such strategy or game plan. It is doing much better than the others and needs no pampering.

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