iPhone business applications are on the go

Recently, Apple decided to provide iPhone applications for connecting with the business systems and boosting up mobile productivity. And probably that’s the reason why iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.X software introduced Microsoft exchange support, secure VPN and wireless networking and remote management.

There are around 10,000 iPhone applications, and the issue is how can one segregate the corporate apllications from the general application categories, like; communication and collaboration; office and personal productivity and sales-force automation, customer relationship management and business intelligence.

Other than this, the corporate selection include front ends to business/corporate mail and groupware servers; Salesforce.com, clients to Oracle, QuickBooks, software for sync. contacts, files, calenders, folders with Windows or Mac desktop etc.

The most handy iPhone business applications may include handwriting application, speech to text tech to turn the iPhone into a memo recorder. Most of the choices aforementioned are either free or low cost native applications which are available at Apple’s Application store and are installed through the iTunes.

Some of them are run through the iPhone’s Safari Web browser, where one has to simply point at  any iPhone enabled Web Server. Also with the upcoming iPhone versions, will allow users to work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files. And further down the road, probably, in late 2009, Microsoft indicated that the upcoming Office Web will run on the iPhone through iPhone’s Safari Browser.