LG Xenon for AT&T US

LG Xenon released for AT&T is a sleek and attractive cell phone available in the markets of US. LG Xenon has a large touch-screen and a standard QWERTY keyboard similar to the recently launched LG models for AT&T.


LG successfully launched Xenon for AT&T US market. The phone is proving to be a popular choice for consumers in US. Xenon has a nice and easy to use touch user interface with shortcuts, contacts and other menu options right at your tips.

LG Xenon also provides multi tasking options for users. They can enjoy their music play list while using the image editor or surfing through the internet with its wireless options.

Also with its 2.0 mega pixel camera, users share images and videos with their friends and family even if they are in a call.

Though some users who have used LG Xenon have complained that the touchscreen is too sensitive and the icons that appear on it are too small to read. But overall, the Xenon is a nice deal to purchase and use.

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  1. LG Xenon released for AT&T looks cool. I like its attractive black sleek color very much, all its features are great.

  2. can i have this phone in Indonesia? i really like this one, it looks very cool for me. n.n.

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