Google Suggest Tool

Google Suggest. An application by Google which helps you suggest related keywords or key-phrases that you type on Google Search bar. Google Suggest can really make your search more relevant and convenient.

Google Suggest Lab makes it really easy for you to search anything with in no time. Google, as we all know, the world’s biggest and fastest search engine has lots and lots data uploaded. Google Suggest makes sure you find the right data.


To give you a more clear idea about Google Suggest Tool, it works much the same as ‘Did you mean’ option in Google Search. Many people are unaware of the Google Suggest application as they are assisted by ‘did you mean’ support at the Google Search bar.

One must be thinking, how can Google Suggest Tool  come up with accurate queries and keywords. Well, Google‘s algorithms use a wide range of information to predict the queries users are most likely to use and want to see.

Google Suggest makes sure it uses data of that is popular in almost every search engine. In other words, Google Suggest accounts all popular keywords and queries entered by users on various search engines and adds them into its list.

In all, Google Suggest Lab is yet another splendid application by Google which really has made keyword search much more convenient and refine.

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  1. Google suggest is great, Google which helps us suggest related keywords or key-phrases that we type on Google Search bar. Google suggest always help us and making our search great.

  2. I am getting stressed trying to find the “goole suggest tool”. I have google toolbar installed but the suggestion tool is evasive for me.

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