Nokia 3G Booklet | Nokia 3G Laptop Tech Detail Review

Nokia finally announced to enter into PC world. Nokia 3G booklet; a Windows based high performance laptop, will be the first step in such perspective. Broadly, Nokia Booklet 3G will deliver a full PC like experience with built-in Nokia PC suite.

Nokia has announced to step in the laptop and 3G tablet market. They did this by introducing their very first Nokia 3G Booklet. 3G mini-laptop is powered by Intel Atom processor and has a long lasting battery of up to 12 straight hours.

It won’t be wrong if we say that Nokia has come up with the ultimate solution for people on the go. Mobility, connectivity and precision in one package surely sounds awesome. The 1.25 KG 3G Booklet measures approximately 2-cm thin and supports WiFi including 3G/HSPA technology.

The new Nokia 3G laptop is also equipped with a camera at front for video calling on a 10-inch glass display screen. Other tech details include Bluetooth support, an easily accessible SD card reader, integrated A-GPS and access to millions of tracks via Nokia Music Store.

With no doubt, Nokia 3G Booklet is a new revolution in PC and laptop line-up. Pricing, market availability and complete tech details are yet to be announced by Nokia.

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  1. I really think one has to review these devices with a specific user profile in mind…Personally, I am a writer and can’t wait for Nokia’s booklet to come out. I am looking for a light/small/mobile device with a keyboard, and most importantly, a whole work day (and a long one..) worth of battery power!!

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