Canon SD970 Digital Camera Review

New to Canon this year is a unique image processor, DIGIC 4. The processor enriches color depth of the images, while compressing the total size. The bus speed is faster in general and it is less likely to hang and slow down photo capture than the previous models.


The implementation of this new processor will greatly assist the powershot camera developed by Canon. New technology allows the lens to detect facial images easier on every digital camera and with better optical and digital zoom on the Powershot SD970 IS, will make photo grabbing from great distances much easier.

The fast processing speed ensures that the Powershot model Canon SD970 IS can capture fast moving objects with more accuracy and less blurring than before. The Canon Powershot SD970 IS can detect blinking and sudden movements by the subject or subjects of your photos and will adjust your shutter speed to compensate for any irregularities. Expect the perfect photo every time with this camera.

The LCD display of the SD970 IS is more handy than most. You can switch views quickly with one button, review videos and macros you create, and even adjust for lighting before you snap your photo. The last photo taken also comes up automatically, so you can delete it and start again if it is not to your liking.

Taking photos is a rewarding experience and with the new Powershot, it is easy and affordable to start a series of high quality photo albums of cherished memories. As you would have come to expect from Canon, the best technologies are embedded within these cameras and there is nothing to make any real fuss about. I would have love to have seen a slightly sturdier chassis, but keeping costs down is imperative to getting photography into the hands of most.

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